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Activated carbon products

Activated carbon products
Note: All specifications and indicators of products can be produced according to customer’s request. Welcome to contact us for detail enquiry.
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Emergency services

●Immediately call to Hanyan Activated Carbon Manufacturing Co., Ltd, our emergency service team will provide you with the rescue services.
●Free to call :400-000-1319
●24 hour emergency response
●Emergency cases-solving, rapid response and professional know how to do is the key to solve the problem.

Service system
●Company has perfect south China, north China, central China and other regions of the main capital and major cities before/after sales service network and this service network constantly expand to the cities around the provinces. In addition, the company sales and service network reaches all over the world.

Commitment to quality
●Company products bear the quality stipulated in the bank of China quality law of the People’s Republic of China.
●Our company provides quality guaranteed products , in accordance with the provisions of the state standard.
Service Measures

Before Sale:
●Free to provide samples
●Free to provide information consulting and technical guidance

After Sale:
●According to national standard 1990 qualified factory, the product can be considered as a qualified product if the buyer has no complaint within 7 working days after the product was sold
●Once the product is confirmed as a problem product, the company will provide free replacement or a full refund in a timely manner.
●The supplier provides the buyer with the new craft, new technology and all other related advisory services.
●Guangdong Hanyan Activated Carbon Manufacturing Co., Ltd. reserve the right to explain terms of the event.

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